Server Status Tab


The server status tab contains information regarding statistics that are global to the server. There are two types of statistics in icecast2, source level and global statistics. Global statistics are those that are accumilations of stats from all sources offered by the server. Source level statistics are stats which apply only to a single source attached to the server.

Examples of global statistics are :

	The number of current sources connected
	The number of sources that have attempted connections
	Total number of attempted connections to the server

The Server Status tab contains at a minimal the global stats for the server. Additionally, you may add source specific stats to this tab. The intent is to provide a single "dashboard view" of what's going on in the server. To add source statistics to the Server Status tab, see the section on the Stats tab.

Adding stats to the window title

Any stat that is contained on the Server Status tab can be displayed as the icecast2 window title. This provides yet another mechanism by which you can view activities on the server. To enable this feature, right click on any stat in the Server Status tab as seen below :

Removing source level stats from the Server Status Tab

To remove a source level stat that you have inserted onto the Server Status Tab, simple right click that statistic and select "Delete from Global Stats". The stat will be deleted from the Server Status tab, but will still remain on the source level Stats tab.