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declared in "ivorbisfile.h";

For seekable streams, this seeks to closest full page preceding the given time. This function is faster than ov_time_seek because it doesn't seek through the last few samples to reach an exact time, but it is also less accurate. This should be used when speed is important.

This function also updates everything needed within the decoder, so you can immediately call ov_read() and get data from the newly seeked to position.

This function does not work for unseekable streams.

int ov_time_seek_page(OggVorbis_File *vf, ogg_int64_t ms);


Pointer to our already opened and initialized OggVorbis_File structure.
Location to seek to within the file, specified in milliseconds.

Return Values

  • 0 for success
  • nonzero indicates failure, described by several error codes:

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